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The Guide to Canadian Equities
Market Data

How to Understand the Canadian Equity Market and Access its Market Data

The Canadian equity market is drawing significant interest from international investors. From resource-rich companies in mining and energy sectors to global banks and ecommerce platforms such as Shopify and Lightspeed, Canadian securities can be part of firms’ strategies—if they know how to access the necessary market data.

Exegy’s Guide to Canadian Equities and Market Data can help you navigate this market, enabling you to match your trading strategies to the right market data and providers.

An overview of Canadian market structure, including essential equity marketplaces

While Canada’s equity market structure is similar to that of the US, there are some important differences, most notably the system for accessing consolidated market data.

The Exegy guide details:

  • The role of the TMX Group, Canada’s largest marketplace.
  • Major competitors that have entered the market.
  • A comparison between the TMX information processor, which consolidates feeds from all major markets, and US SIP feeds.

What type of market data do you need?

In addition to understanding the Canadian equity market, firms must understand the types or levels of market data. Each level provides useful information; increasing levels of granularity bring more insights—and more costs.

The Exegy guide outlines the differences, and how various levels of market data are accessed.

Market data fees and providers

We outline the types of monthly fees firms can expect to pay for market data; here again there are some distinctions to be made from US market data practices.

Along with fee schedules for Canadian equity marketplaces and the TMX, the Exegy guide discusses various types of providers, and how they can serve firms’ individual needs.

Every firm’s needs are different—a firm making its first entry to the Canadian equity market will have different requirements and a different budget from a large global investment firm expanding its Canadian footprint. Exegy has a portfolio of solutions that can help you at every stage of your firm’s plans.

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