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Markets Choice Award for Best New Product

Metro + nxAccess = Functionality + Speed 

Integration leverages CME’s new ‘cancel on behalf’ function for best performance 

Exegy’s award-winning new integration combines the functionality of our Metro feature-rich derivatives trading platform with fast-cancel capability thanks to our nxAccess FPGA-based trading engine. 

The integration of nxAccess enhances Metro with embedded FPGA-accelerated cancel functionality, allowing for sub-400ns tick-to-cancel latency.

With this combination, Exegy delivers an options trading solution that optimizes speed, flexibility, and ease of use. 

Metro offers a complete solution for:

  • Options pricing, execution, and risk management 
  • Best-of-breed API extensibility
  • Proven quoting engine for electronic market making
  • Configurable target finder for market taking
  • Includes advanced views of & interaction with spread markets 
  • A  wide range of click-trading techniques & custom order types. 

Customers trading via Metro on the CME can add this new functionality. It requires no updates to hardware or colocation configuration and does not change Metro’s user workflow. 

The fully integrated solution allows users to seamlessly control the fast-cancel logic and define their “going back into the market” strategies.

Interested in learning more about this exciting new Exegy integration?