Market Data Case Study

How to achieve market data cost reduction

Learn how this FinTech company improved the reliability, performance, data quality and coverage of its market data delivery whilst lowering the total cost of ownership.

With its growing reputation in the terminal space and the continued growth of its global customer base, this data vendor wanted to ensure that their market data was not only being delivered with the highest possible quality but also that they could reach customers faster and more consistently than ever before.

See how they transitioned to a managed data feed service using Exegy's SuperFeed solution. The new solution provided guaranteed low latency delivery, and a comprehensive list of markets across multiple asset classes whilst achieving market data cost reduction.

Here's what you will learn from this case study:

  • The market data challenge for data vendors
  • How to improve data quality and market coverage
  • How to handle Exchange-Driven Changes (EDCs)
  • How to lower the total cost of ownership of market data
  • The as-a-Service delivery model