Login and Logoff

Login / Logoff

Log On

Once a client has established a connection, they need to send the LogOn message. Metro will authenticate the client using their username and password. Once a client is logged on, it will begin receiving messages and it may now send messages to Metro.


LogOn <Username> <Password> [Version ID] [Account Type] [Disable Updates]


 LogOn foojones v3ry53cur3 v5.1

LogOn Message Structure

Field Value(s) Repeating Comment Example Values
Header LogOn No Fixed header LogOn
Username String No The Username foojones
Password String No The Password v3ry53cur3
Version ID String No The VersionID (not required) v5.1
Account Type Integer No Account type (not required)  
DisableUpdates String No Disable trade and instrument updates(not required)  

Log On Acknowledgement

This message is sent to the client once the log on request has been processed and the client's credentials have been authenticated.


LogOnAck true

Log Off

The LogOff message will be sent by the client when they wish to terminate the session gracefully. When the client logs off or Metro determines that the connection has been terminated in any way, all orders and quotes still in the market will be canceled.



LogOff Message Structure

Field Value(s) Repeating Comment
Header LogOff No Fixed header