Mission Control

The Mission Control widget is a centralized management widget that controls all mission activity. Target Missions, Hedge Missions, RFQ Missions and Auction Missions can be created and stopped from other widgets but can only be started from the Mission Control. All maintenance (editing and deleting) is done from the Mission Control. Multiple Mission Control widgets can be opened at the same time and will display the same status for any active or inactive mission.


The Settings menu allows users to determine which mission types are displayed in the Mission Control window. Users that are not interested in a certain mission type can uncheck that type in the Settings menu and that specific mission panel will no longer be visible.

Starting and Stopping Missions

Users can individually start missions by clicking on the action button or start several missions at once by clicking on the check boxes next to the missions that should be started or stopped and then clicking 'Start Checked' or 'Stop Checked'. Clicking on the 'Stop All' button will stop all missions (missions that are currently filtered by the Quick Search will also be canceled).


Mission Control monitors all missions residing on the Metro Server. Users will have access to any available mission, including the ability to start or stop each mission. If users do not have a symbol activated, they may still start a mission containing instruments from that symbol.

Using the Quick Search

The quick search at the top of the Mission Control allows users to search through missions. Entering a string into the search window will alter the display so that only missions containing the same characters of the search will be shown.

Creating and Managing Missions

New missions can be created by clicking on the 'Create Mission' button and selecting the desired mission type. Existing missions can be edited or deleted by clicking on the 'Edit' or 'Delete' buttons of the respective missions. More details regarding mission type specific parameters can be found in the following links:

Cloning a Mission

Users can clone any existing mission by clicking the Clone button and setting a new name. 

The mission name cannot replicate an existing or previously used name

Editing One or More Target Missions

Users can select and edit multiple mission edges and quantities by using the Target Settings Side Panel. By checking or selecting missions, the missions will appear in the Target Settings side panel. Adjustments can be made with the +/- buttons or the quick buttons for either edge and/or quantity. Click submit will change the selected mission parameters.

Changing Parameters Deactivates Missions

Changing a mission parameter, either through the Edit dialogue or the Target Settings side panel, will deactivate any impacted mission.

Configuring Target Settings Side Panel

Users can configure the quick button amounts and +/- increments for edge and quantity to be used when updating mission(s) from the Target Settings side panel via the Configure tab at the top of window.

Changing Target Settings on One or More Missions

Using the quick buttons will set the variable to the quick button amount. Using the +/- will modify the variable by the configured increment. Changes will take place when the Submit button is clicked. A specific value can be used for edge or quantity by typing a value in the respective Set All entry and clicking Apply.