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Download the DMA Case Study


See how this leading UK-based market maker and proprietary trading firm leveraged Exegy's innovative Direct Market Access Platform to adopt a profitable multi-broker business model.

Read the case study to learn:

  • When it's time to switch to a direct market access solution.
  • How to retain a multi-broker model with a direct market access platform.
  • What you can expect from Exegy's on-boarding process.
  • How to leverage this innovative technology to access liquidity and global exchanges.
  • Why this client was able to create a more profitable business model with Exegy's DMA platform.


After recognizing that their existing DMA solution was falling short of the mark, the business engaged with Exegy to solve their issues of performance, scalability and latency.
Exegy provided the client with a truly unique, lightweight direct market access offering without forcing or mandating any additional, non-critical components. The DMA Platform enabled the client to continue benefiting from their broker’s risk management while the brokers retained full and independent control of the client’s trading risk.
The Head of Execution Services at the client’s broker, commented that switching to Exegy’s DMA platform was “the best day of his working life,” removing a significant burden from his shoulders.

Award-Winning Platform

Our DMA Platform has won multiple awards including Fund Technology and WSL Awards for Best DMA Offering.

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